Magic Wand History


~ One of the most powerful in magic wand history!

~ Wooden Snake Design with Crystal Quartz & Garnet Ornaments

Magic Wizard Wand Description:

All through out magic wand history, you will find this is one beautiful and powerful Real Magic Wizard Wand for the practicioner of any level and enthusiasm! A true wonder to behold. If your looking for a Magic Crystal Wand for use or to just marvel at, you will not go wrong with this Magic Wizard Wand! Throughout magic wand history, roosewood has been a favorite wood to use to to it's metaphysical properties.

Features of this incredible Magic Wizard Wand:

  • Powerful rosewood Wiccan magick wizard wand w/ wire wrapping, garnet ornaments. & crystal quartz endpieces

  • Measures approximately 10" L x 0.75" W x 0.75" H; Each piece is unique and dimensions may vary slightly.

  • Comes with bonus matching crystal quartz & garnet divination pendulum; Faceted quartz pendulum crystal is finely cut with 12 faces

  • Velvet pendulum pouch w/ Wiccan Magik Wizard Symbols print is also included!

  • ROSEWOOD MAGICK WIZARD WAND ~ Wooden Snake Design w/ Crystal Quartz & Garnet Ornaments

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