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Rustic Willow Wood Wicca Ritual Wand

Witches Willow Wands

Genuine willow wood is a wood long connected with mysticism and witchcraft, and is also linked by many with a wide collection of supernatural features. This supple, mystical willow wood is primarily recognized for being associated with death, along with being commonly connected to magic connected with the moon...MORE

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Magic Wicca Rosewood Wand

~ Twisted Model w/ Metal Conductor Rod, Crystal Quartz, & Garnet Ornaments

Magic Rosewood Pagan Wands

With deep red, darkish brown, and black coloration, Rosewood from Honduras is perhaps most famous simply because of its use in high-quality woodwork which includes customized cabinetry and furniture pieces, or the manufacturing of high end musical instruments. Rosewood trees from Honduras are titans amidst the jungles and are normally as tall as the tallest trees out there. It is a superbly sturdy and long lived hardwood that will certainly outlive the highest quality woods. Rosewood from Honduras offer tremendous sustainability and are loaded in nature driven characteristics. Due to this fact, Rosewood magical wands bestow an increased charge to nature based spells and any practice that features nature will definitely gain by way of the properties of the Magic Wicca Ritual Rosewood Wand...MORE

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Ebony Wicca Ritual Wands

Ebony Wicca Ritual Wands

Made out of a solid piece of Gaboon Ebony by hand, every single one of these Ebony Witches Wands can be described as powerful uniquely handmade wand which will make a powerful component to your magical abilities and spell craft. In the event your hunting for a real magic wand that's going to work as a potent channel for protection spells, then an magic ebony wand is everything you are looking for. They enhance your natural energies rendering them perfect for nearly every spell or ritual you may need to conduct. When working with God and Goddess sorcery, the real magic ebony wands darker color can be used very nicely with pretty much any other lighter hue wand that you might already have to level out the energies...MORE

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Hand Crafted Wand That Has a Terminated Quartz Crystal Point

Real Magical Ritual Terminated Quartz Crystal Point Wands

When you stumble upon a wand that has a terminated quartz crystal, realize that it is really a highly effective producer of healing energy. Quartz is definitely a curative crystal which is helpful for transmuting restoration energies. When the terminated quartz crystal is aimed out from the your body, it will direct energy off of your entire body, and if it is aimed towards a person, it's going to funnel that restoring energy inward. Quartz crystals have proven to be particularly phenomenal for group work because they assist with balancing and gathering into unison everyone in the circle. These quartz crystal points can also be a great help whenever in need of concentration, which includes whenever learning, composing, meetings as well as in writing strategic business plans. Many other gemstones and crystals can certainly be cleared by resting on a quartz crystal cluster and these clusters have also been utilized to trigger and increase the effectiveness of other types of stones and crystals...MORE

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Magic Lignum Vitae Wands

Real Magic Wands

If your scouring the web for an incredibly durable and strong magic wand, then you'll need to immediately turn to a Lignum Vitae Wand. This unique wood is so very dense and hard that it will not even float. You got that right, put it in water and it'll sink! Throughout the years, Lignum Vitae has been know by many various other aliases. Some refer to it as "Greenheart" or "Iron Wood", though other people know it as "Guayacan". However, I feel one of the most proper names is "The Wood of Life", which is exactly what Lignum Vitae in fact means. It is actually better-known as "The Wood of Life" because of it's capacity to renew and protect health. When put to use in spellcraft and rituals dealing with healing, this wand can bring it's outstanding strength. And whenever used as an aid in protection, it's great heft is able to bring a great improvement in ability...MORE

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Copper Healing Wand

Copper Healing Wands

Copper and restorative healing go together like salt and pepper which mankind as seemingly known all through our history on Earth. Should it be utilized in combination with quartz crystal points, it can become a commanding healing wand. It has long been utilized to remedy rheumatism and inflammation of the joints as well as an all around component to renewal rituals and spells. Copper is also considered to be a metal that bestows luck, most likely as a result of it's earlier solar bonds, and thus can be used in combination with virtually any other of luck bringing crystals and stones for much more powerful rites and spell work...MORE

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Magic Wiccan Ritual Agate Chakra Healing Wand

Agate Chakra Healing Witch Ritual Wands

When you find yourself looking to strengthen your channels of restoration power, this Real Agate Chakra Wand will assist you with that and plenty of various other functions. Combining the traits of quartz crystals, the Agate Chakra Healing Wand is an amazing apparatus of captivating attributes. This excellent Agate Chakra Wand is exclusively made to contain every one of the seven Chakras by the use of seven Agate stone inlays down the length of the wand. Each Agate Gem is unique in color and stands for every one of the seven Chakras. Work with this to aid you in discovering your Chakras and in working with these abundance of energies or to study, cleanse, and normalize the energy levels of others with the help of a new center and connection to yourself...MORE

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Real Magic Rose Quartz Witch Wand

Rose Quartz Ritual Wands

Rose Quartz crystal will help users to focus on love energies. It harmonizes the romantic heart for extremely good partnerships. This Rose Quartz Healing Wand will certainly help you to bring in love, as well as improve your current romantic relationships. It delivers love and encourages deep self-healing. Keeping it close to the bed is a great spot for the Real Rose Quartz Wand, and placing Rose Quartz of any sort under your pillow will provide dreams of the individual you really love! Outstanding for the spirit and Heart Chakra as well...MORE

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